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Our Therapies

At Chiro First Wellness Center, you’ll find a variety of services that compliment our chiropractic techniques.

Laser Therapy

We use the LaserTouchOne™ in our office. It is a combination of cold laser therapy and electrical stimulation. The cold laser stimulates the tissues to heal at the cellular level, and the electrical stimulation decreases pain and increases blood flow, speeding up healing. This therapy is used primarily on extremity conditions and new injuries.

Intersegmental Traction

West Seneca Intersegmental traction therapy

Intersegmental traction therapy helps you to relax.

Intersegmental traction therapy is used to relax the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the spine. The patient lies on a roller bed that massages up and down and provides general mobilization to the segments of the spine.

Rebuilder Therapy

The Rebuilder is a new technology that is used to treat neuropathy. Neuropathy is damage to nerves that can result in pain, numbness, tingling, burning, weakness or cramping. The patient places the affected feet or hands in a water bath in which rubberized electrodes are placed. The electrical impulse stimulates the nervous system to re-grow and function better, alleviating the patient’s hand or foot discomfort. This therapy also provides relief for swelling in the calves and ankles and is helpful in reducing pain and swelling associated with new extremity injuries.

Electric Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a therapeutic modality used primarily for pain control. Electrode pads are placed on the patient’s skin. Electrical impulses are sent into the muscles that block pain receptors to the brain so that the patient gets an immediate feeling of pain relief. The electrical impulses also stimulate blood flow to the area, which aids in healing the tissues.


All patients will go through a rehab program at the beginning of the second phase of care. This rehab is a very important part of their care because it prevents the problem from coming back in the future. We give each patient a series of exercises and stretches to do at home to correct postural distortions. These exercises will create permanent structural changes. The rehab program used in our office is the Pettibon system of rehabilitation.

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