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Testimonials for Chiro First Wellness Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiro First Wellness Center patient testimonials below.

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Back Pain Relief

I am a 64 year old man who has led an active lifestyle. Over the past 27 years I have faced back issues and sought relief with numerous physicals, chiropractors, physical therapist and medical personnel with limited long term benefits and results. I have been advised by various surgeons to have an operation on my back for spinal stenosis. I began researching alternative, non-traditional treatment to address my concerns.

First of all, I thank Almighty God for directing me to Chiro First Wellness Center. My brother Charles observed a TV program that featured Dr. Mohammed and suggested I contact him. Upon my first visit it was quite evident “Dr. Mo”, Dr. Chris and the entire staff are a group of “caring professionals”, and knowledgeable individuals who value treatment and care plans that are in the best interest of the patient. The staff is friendly, courteous, and you are made to feel comfortable in a positive environment. The friendly atmosphere is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other medical facilities. Those facilities treat you like an innate object or number.

Over the past few months I have progressed from being totally wheel chair bound over the past year to walking with the aid of a walker. I anticipate a day when I will be freely walking without any assistance with continued treatment.

I thank God and the Chiro First Wellness Center team for your continuing progress in my physical and overall well being.

Robert, Age 64

Chiro First Wellness Center Provided the Help I Needed

In late August of 2012, I suffered a herniated disk in my spine. I was in continual pain, and I was barely able to walk, stand or sleep comfortably. I sought orthopedic help through physical therapy. The exercises I was given to do made my condition worse. I heard about disk decompression and met with a chiropractor that promised he could help me, but the treatments were so expensive I thought I would have to take out a loan to cover the costs.

Shortly thereafter I came to Chiro First Wellness Center and met with Dr. Munassar who devised a decompression treatment plan that was very reasonably priced to address my back condition. After each adjustment I began to see improvement. Within a short time I could stand, walk and sleep without pain. I recently had a new MRI taken that showed significant improvement in my spine, especially where the disk herniation had occurred. I am extremely grateful for the excellent care and treatment I have received at Chiro First Wellness Center.

Mike, West Seneca, NY

I Found Relief After an Auto Accident

In October of 1971, I was stopped in a line of traffic on Genesse Street when a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and rear-ended me at a speed estimated at 60+ mph. I have been suffering with sciatica in both legs, tingling in the left arm and hand, as well as severe back pain. I was diagnosed with three bulging discs as a result of the accident. For forty years I have gone through various physical therapies and chiropractic treatments, as well as having taken various doses of pain pills.

On October 20th of 2011, while driving on Clinton Street in West Seneca, I saw Dr. Moe’s sign for spinal decompression, sciatica and other treatments. I stopped in, had an interview with Dr. Moe, as well as a physical and x-rays. I started my rehab visits immediately. I found the cost of the program to be reasonable, and he set me up with a monthly payment program that was easy on my budget and with no finance companies to deal with.

After my visits, the sciatica and tingling pain are now very rare. I can now sit through two hour movies and take long drives that I had pretty much avoided in the past. I am also back to walking pain free and have been told by a couple of friends that they have noticed improvement in my posture.

Thank you Dr. Moe for all you have done for me!

Bradley Johnson, Age 81

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