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Facebook Contest Winners!

We’d like to thank all of our wonderful patients and Facebook fans who participated in our recent “image of the week” contest. All of the entries were fantastic, which made it hard to select a winner each week!

To recap, we asked our Facebook fans to caption a photo posted by Chiro First Wellness Center. To win, entrants needed to ‘like’ the photo and then submit their best comment. Below are our winners for each of the five weeks, who will collect a gift cared of their choice.

We hope you had as much fun playing along as we did! Continue to watch our Facebook page and stay tuned for our next contest coming soon.

The Winners

Week 1 Topic: Subluxation

Week 1

Winning Comment by Anne Frank: “Subluxation: fixes/heals the body so it can function properly with your brain. If your spine isn’t healthy and working w/ brain, your body wont work properly.”

Week 2 Topic: Schedule of Care

Week 2

Winning Comment by CarolAnn Pagano: “Listen to your Chiro’s instructions for good health.”

Week 3 Topic: Stress

Week 3

Winning Commend by Teresa Jimenez: “Exercise if done right can help make your body and bones move freely, more flexible, and help heal you. Medication only helps you temporarily to take pain away, and it can do more harm than good.”

Week 4 Topic: Pregnancy

Week 4

Winning Comment by Michael Shaw: “Many pregnant women complain of back pain so regular adjustments during pregnancy will help mothers sleep better…Dad too.”

Week 5 Topic: Consistency

Week 5

Winning Comment by Judy Schmitt: “Consistent treatment is the most successful course. Don’t give up.”

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