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Additional Services

At Chiro First Wellness Center, we provide a variety of additional services to help our community get well and stay well!

Radiology Service

X-rays are taken on new patients in most cases. If the patient has had an injury, it is very important to rule out fracture or dislocation. Radiographs are also useful tools to assess the structure of spine as well as degeneration, both of which aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Nutritional Counseling

A “Systems Survey,” as well as a daily record of food intake, is given to patients to fill out if they are interested in nutritional counseling. The patient will take the forms home to fill them out. The doctor will sit down and go over the information with the patient on the next visit and recommend dietary changes, as well as supplements, to provide the patient with optimum nutrition.

We use the brands Standard Process®, Metagenics®, chiropractor’sblend™, and Nordic Naturals® in the office.

Chiro First Wellness Center Spinal Screenings

We offer spinal screenings at your event!

Spinal Screenings

Spinal screenings are performed at any community event or health fair. An offer is given for the person to come into the office after they get a complimentary spinal evaluation at the event.

Corporate Lectures

Corporate lectures are done at any local business that would like to have a doctor come in to give a short talk and perform complimentary spinal evaluations to their employees. The Peak Energy Performance Challenge is the talk given most often. The purpose of the workshop is to increase your employees’ energy, productivity and safety.

If you are interested in having a doctor come do a workshop and spinal screenings for your staff free of charge, please contact our office today!

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